About Us


  • 1983

    Construction of the first workshop

  • 1985

    Becoming a sole trader in the metal industry

  • 1990

    Extending the workshop with vocational training room and social premises

  • 1996

    Becoming a full-time sole trader

  • 1998

    Conversion to economic operator

  • 2002

    Extending the tool park with a pivot lathe, water-cooled plasma chiseland and stand spot-welding equipment

  • 2004

    Expansion of the seat of the company with new 400 m2 workshop hall and the tool park with a hydraulic press

  • 2005

    Developing the plant via procuring a bansdaw, hydraulic plate-shears and welding machines, furthermore to support the material handling in the factory purchasing a fork lift

  • 2012

    Developing the equipment of the factory with installing a tap-auger with a thread-pusher and the modernization of the logistic and administrative fields by obtaining dynamic storerooms and office devices

  • 2012

    Modernization of data management and data processing through the corporate process management

  • 2013

    Equipping the factory areas of the company with centralised gas supply system

  • 2014

    Double pre-pusher welding machine

  • 2018

    Installation of a dynamic storeroom (II.)

  • 2019

    Installation of an edge-press, a semi-automatic welding machine and exhauster system and set up a production management system via equipment purchase of an innovation enterprise development program

  • 2019

    Implementing a hybrid corporate management system

  • 2019

    Training of corporate management system

  • 2020

    Counselling program to achieve becoming an authorized supplier


Gyomaendrődért Emlékplakett 1996 - Tímár Vince

Plaque for Gyomaendrőd 1996

Legszebb Kiállítói Díj -Tivi-Technika

The Most Attractive Exhibitor 2014

Az Év Békés Megyei Kézművese 2015 - Tivi-Technika

The Craftsman of the Year 2015 

Kíváló Vállalkozói Díj 2016 - Tímár Vince

Excellent Entrepreneur Prize 2016

Bethlen Emlékplakett 2019 - Tímár Vince

Bethlen plaque 2019 

Social responsibility

The enterprise is committed to the productive social responsibility, since it is manufacturing its products according to the highest quality standards and with modern technical solutions. Every single equipment is planned and made with utmost attention and accuracy during the well composed workflow of the highly skilled and ready-to-renew colleagues.

Environmental statement

Every production plant has a major impact on the environment and the society, therefore we are also paying attention to the environmental protection. The company realizes its environmental operations by the environmentally conscious and dedicated behaviour of its each and every employee.

How we live

The goal of our company is the consistent development of the procedures and thereby smoothening the everyday workflow. This effort is utmost important primarily at the workstations, where for the tasks required tools are prepared individually for the colleagues. The central storeroom units of the workshop are dynamic stores, which are containing the safety tools, the fasteners and spare parts. We put great accept on the social rooms in terms of the high standard of hygiene and prevention as well. At the entrance of the dining room there is a sanitizer station and there is also a changing room and a shower beside the very well-equipped canteen. We are trying to colour up the weekdays with teambuilding programs and events in connection with feast-days – might that be a birthday, Christmas, 1. May or 20. August.


ISO9001 Certificate