Dear Visitor,


Welcome to our company’s website, where you can get an insight into the activity of TIVI-TECHNIKA Ltd. and have a closer look at the wide range of the products manufactured by us. The enterprise was founded in in 1998 by my wife and myself and ever since we are together managing the in its dimensions and HR policy also familial company.

The base, the main activity, which the operation was built up on, is the design and production of unique metal structures – might that be carbon or stainless steel – from the very beginning. Our services cover the complete production process from the design till the installation.

Our mission is that our Customers are receiving the tailor-made and individual solution, which they dreamt of for their homes or planned and specified for their production plant.

I hope You find useful browsing through our website and in the future we can plan and implement something together to make a unique mark!

Vince Tímár
Owner – Managing Director